Sister's Cabin

Bald Mountain, Breckenridge, Colorado (2018)

The Sister's Cabin is a remote back-country ski hut operated by the Summit Huts Association. The Cabin can accommodate 14 paying guests, who reserve their beds through the 10th Mountain Hut Association, and ski 3.5 miles in from a trailhead near Breckenridge. This is the newest and by far the nicest back-country ski lodge in Colorado. The cost of construction of this lodge exceeded $1,000,000 due to the remote building site, and short construction time-frame, requiring helicopters for construction to pour concrete, and fly in the bulk of the building materials and components. The Cabin is constructed utilizing an "Insulated Concrete Forms" (ICF's) foundation, and "Structural Insulated Panels" (SIP's) for the exterior walls and roof, over a pre-manufactured Douglas-Fir timber-frame. With its pre-manufactured "kit of parts" building system, the Sister's Cabin was completed in under 6 months, and was open for the 2018-2019 winter season.
(2346 SF Total Enclosed, 2090 SF Livable, 256 SF Wood / Sauna Shed)